• Potentiostats

Low current measurement, 20aA minimum Current Resolution *) EIS Measurement from 10 µHz to 5 MHz *) Max applied Current from +/-600mA,1A, 3A, 5A and 30A (Booster) *)

*) Depend On Model

  • Electrochemical cells

Working volume between 1mL-30mL, 20mL-200mL, 250mL-400mL, 400mL-1200mL Dr.Bob’s Cell, Euro cell, Multiport, Flexcell CPT, Paracell kit for flat speciments, Paint Test Cell, Lithium Battery Cell etc.


  • Electrodes

Working Electrode, Reference Electrode, Screen Printed Electrode, etc.


  • Dye Solar Cell Testing

  • Resources
  • Applications Notes



  • Electrochemical Impendace Spectroscopy (EIS)



  • Battery research

Electrochemical Techniques for Energy Storage Devices

Testing Electrochemical Capacitors Part1, Part 2, Part 3.

  • Electrochemical Testing : Corrosion and Coating



  • Energy Storage and conversion

Batteries – Super capacitors – Fuel Cells – DSSC



  • Instrumentation
  • Faraday cage
  • Two, three and Four electrode Exeriments
  • Using interface 5000 Dual Electrometer
  • Checking the integrity of a Gamry Cell Cable
  • Troubleshooting your gamry potentiostat
  • Rapid Biphasic Pulsing
  • Cable-Capacitance correction
  • Introduction to the EIS Box
  • Risk of using Additional Cabling
  • Rotational Speed of Rotating Disk Electrode


  • Software / Scripting (Open source)

Gamry’s Frame work / Echem Analyst

  • Customizing Experiment in Explain
  • Cyclic Galvanostaircase Polarization
  • Gamry’s squence wizard
  • Gamry Instruments ‘.DTA File Type
  • How to triger a spectrometer with Gamry Instrument’s Potentiostats
  • Gamry symplex Fit-Algorithm Details
  • Step for creating an Applications using Gamry COM
  • Programing Reference for Explain
  • Customizing Electrochemical Experiments with the Explain™ Scripting Language
  • Commonly Requested change to Explain™ Scripts


  • Electrochemical Literature

Compiled database of articles where people have used a Gamry system in their research

  • Video Library


  • White Papers (Download)

Basic of EIS, Getting started with Electrochem.corr.measurement, High-Current Pulses for Battery Research, Testing Super-Capacitors etc.

Part 1,Part 2,Part 3,Part 4



  • Konversi Tegangan Reference Elecrode yang berbeda solution Konversi tegangan yg terukur oleh satu jenis reference electromodel menjadi tegangan yang sebanding bila diukur oleh reference electrode jenis lain
  • Contoh : Calomel (dengan larutan KCL-saturasi)=500mV Sebanding/Sama dengan 491mV Calomel-3,5M KCL
  • Pengaruh Perubahan temperatur pada SCE
  • Nernst Equation


Electrochemical Techniques

Daftar Potentiostats  atau Interface yang dapat di gunakan untuk pengujian/pengukuran/experimen seperti EIS, DC-Corrosion, Physical Electrochemistry,Pulse Voltametry,Electrochemical Frequency Modulation (EFM), Electro Chemical Energy dan echem Toolkits.