About us :

       Founded in 2020, by more than 20 years experienced personnels in electronic and mechanical instruments, computer hardware and software/Data communications and sales activities.
We strive to provide good product and technical support in value added reseller and system integration services as we want our customer to be satisfied with us.
Based on previous records of our team reputations ( in previous company that have been closed), we are appointed as exclusive distributor/sales representative by several well known company such Gamry Instrument from USA, Tokyo Measurement Instrument Lab from Japan,Astrophysics Inc USA and AirField/Pavement Testing, measurement and maintenance product from England, Denmark and Sweden. As a new company, we are continuing to provide support to all previous customers/users as local support of the foreign companies.
Our Vision and Activity :
We strive to provide good product and technical support (including Local Training) in Value Added Reseller and System Integration services.
Well supported by manufacturers/principals , we are ready for new ideas, innovations that benefit all of us as sales companies and customers.
Brief information about the products that: we are selling :
Gamry Instruments –
Electrochemical Instrument, accessories and software for Corrosion rate measurement,coating quality,Battery /super capacitor/Solar Cell/DSSC/electrochemical power research, electrochemical sensors etc.
Tokyo Measuring Instrument Lab.(TML) –
Strain Gauges,Transducers ( Load Cell, Displacement, Torque, acceleration, etc ) Static and Dynamic Measuring Instruments /Meters – Data Loggers.
Astrophysics Incorporation.
Security Screening X-Ray machines. various sizes from Small Baggage/Parcel, Baggage up to 180x 180 cm tunnel size for Cargo.
Road PavementAirfield testing, measuring and maintaining  products :
Falling Weight Deflectometer : loading capacity, Pavement Classification Number, layer analysis and residual life time using back calculation software.
 Skid Resistance measuring equipment from Douglas.
Ground Penetrating Radar from MALA
Various electronic based instrumentation products , customer oriented business.
Customized products/ systems ( remote monitoring, loop back control system etc. )
New ideas, innovation products request and cooperation are well come.